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Liliana Preoteasa

Strategic management

Liliana Preoteasa has advanced studies in Mathematics and has been for more than 15 years director general for pre-university education, with responsibilities in policy development, organization of national exams, curriculum development and implementation, school inspection, school competitions and extracurricular activities etc.
She is presently director of the Unit for the Management of Externally Financed Projects in the Ministry of National Education, responsible for implementation of the 200 million Euro ROSE project, financed through a loan from the World Bank and having as main objective to improve transition from upper secondary education (high school) to tertiary (higher) education and increase retention in the first year of higher education. The UMEFP is also responsible for implementation of 2 components of the PRET Project, dedicated to early childhood development and care, financed through a loan from Development Bank of the Council of Europe.

Liliana Preoteasa has been involved in strategic management of the JOBS Project since its beginning in 2012.


Mihaela Tania Irimia

Operative management

Mihaela Tania Irimia, with advanced studies in Economical Sciences and Electrical Engineering, is the General Director of Early, Primary and Secondary Education General Department within the Minnistry of National Education. She had successfully fulfilled responsibilities in the field of education policy, quality insurance in pre-university education, coordination, monitoring and evaluation of the pre-university national system of education and curriculum design.

Mihaela Tania Irimia is also a member of the Management Team of the Strategic Project funded by European Social Fund: RCQE (Relevant Curriculum to Quality Education) and represents Romania in the European Credit system for Vocational Education and Training (ECVET) users group, at European Commission level.

Mihaela Tania is involved in the operative management of the JOBS project since its beginning in 2012.


Tania Mariana Mihu

Project management

Tania Mariana Mihu is a Romanian professional who worked in scientific research, central public institutions, university, and international organisations.
With sound knowledge and vast experience in sustainable development, evaluation and management, Tania Mariana Mihu acted for decades as national coordinator of projects and programmes financed by United Nations Development Programme, World Bank and Global Environment Facility.

Tania was involved in JOBS project since its design phase (2009) and, after the project approval, she coordinates the project implementation in Romania and provides financial management for the Swiss contribution.


Zoica Elena Vladut

Operative management

Zoica Elena Vladut, - holding a PhD in Economic - is a Romanian professional with significant experience in Institutional and Project Management, Vocational Education and Training (VET) and International Relations in VET.
She was the deputy director of the National Centre for Technical and Vocational Education and Training Development (NCTVETD) in Romania (January 1999- March 2018).

She acted as executive manager, from the Romanian side, of the JOBS project, and coordinator of the continuous teacher training programme (2014-March 2018).


Felicia Sandulescu

Operative management

Felicia Ioana Sandulescu joined the National Centre for Technical and Vocational Education and Training Development (NCTVETD) team in May 2007 and over more than 10 years she coordinated the activity of this institution for the Bucharest-Ilfov development region and she was the manager of a series of project with a deep impact on the development of technical and vocational education in Romania, especially of the dual vocational training system. Starting from April 2018, Felicia Sandulescu is Deputy Director of NCTVETD.

Felicia Sandulescu is the Romanian coordinator of Working Sub-group IV b). Vocational education and training, managing the activity undertaken within the Cooperation Agreement between Romania and Baden Württemberg, Germany. She represents Romania in the Governing Board of CEDEFOP (European Centre for the Development of Vocational Training) and in the Working Group on VET of the European Commission.

In JOBS project, Felicia Sandulescu coordinated the activity at the Bucharest Ilfov region until April 2018 and afterwards she ensures the proper implementation of the JOBS project on behalf of NCTVETD.


Dana Stroie

deputy director of the teachers’ training programmes “JOBS – Counselling and career guidance”

Stroie is an experienced professional with key strengths in formulating strategies for education and training and in initiating and delivering successful high scale projects to improve the education and training systems. She has spent most of her career working in the field of vocational education and training.

Dana is involved in the development of the initial VET in Romania, including the coordination of the elaboration and implementation of the Romanian VET Strategy 2016-2020. At European level, she is member of the Directors General for VET (DGVT), Advisory Committee for VET (ACVT), Steering Committee of the European Quality Assurance Network for VET (EQAVET).

Dana is the deputy director of the teachers’ training programmes accredited by the Ministry of Education “JOBS – Counselling and career guidance”.

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