About Jobs

  • JOBS Job Orientation Training for Businesses and Schools; Orientare profesionala – Instruire in intreprinderi si scoli” este un proiect din cadrul contribuţiei elvetiene pentru Uniunea Europeana extinsa. Acest proiect a fost dezvoltat de Ministerul Educatiei Naionale (MEN), Centrul National de Dezvoltare a Invatamantului Profesional si Tehnic (CNDIPT) in colaborare cu Centrul pentru Proiecte Internationale in Educatie al Universitatii Pedagogice Zurich (PH Zurich-IPE).

    Proiectul a inceput in 2010 cu dezvoltarea materialelor de predare si invatare, in parteneriat cu doua scoli din Brasov: Scoala Gimnaziala nr. 25 si Colegiul Tehnic Transilvania. Aceasta  faza pilot a fost  finantata de Fondul Loteriei Elvetiene cu 130.000 CHF.

    Faza “Proiect complet”, care a inceput in 2012 si se va incheia la 30 iunie 2019, are un buget de 2.373.420 CHF, finantat de Guvernul Elvetiei (85%) si Guvernul Romaniei (15%). Un numar de 180 de scoli (gimnazii si licee/colegii tehnice, economice, etc), localizate in 4 regiuni de dezvoltare ale Romaniei, s-au alaturat proiectului pana in 2017.





Goals of JOBS:


The student textbook

The textbook focuses on four areas and four aims

  • Life Skills: Students learn about their competences
  • Networking: Students get in contact with businesses, companies and public institutions. They learn about jobs on offer in their region.
  • The reality of work: Students analyse economic conditions on their area and prepare a project portfolio and presentations.
  • Learning by doing: Students do their own research about the jobs suited to them. They visit businesses and present their experiences at the annual JOBS fair at the end of the school year.

The support for teachers

JOBS provides support in terms of training, coaching and access to information via:

  • The E-learning platform –- which supports in-service teacher training
  • The Teacher Booklet “Supporting active learning” – which provides teachers with useful information about the pedagogical concepts underpinning JOBS and with recommendations for their application in class.
  • Close cooperation between schools and business environment has been promoted, and during the project’s implementation, over 800 businesses opened their doors to students, allowing them direct contact with the real labour market. As a consequence of the widespread success of the JOBS project experience and results, starting with the school year 2017-2018 the revised curriculum for gymnasium schools now includes the new subject “Job orientation and personal development” as of the academic year 2017/2018. The last year of the project has as its goals: the continuation of delivering the in-service training course for teachers in another 28 counties, in partnership with the Teacher Houses and the development of a in-service training module in collaboration with “Transylvania University of Brasov”.