What is JOBS?

It is the goal of JOBS to prepare the Romanian students in the last years of compulsory education and during their studies at the technical colleges in a) acquiring life skills and competences, in b) developing a realistic perception of job opportunities and work life in their region and in c) taking a decision about their further education and thereby their professional career. This happens by introducing a new cross-curricular approach, adequate teaching-learning methods (task based learning) and a series of seven booklets for students. In addition JOBS is providing corresponding support for teachers in terms of training, coaching and constant information via a distance-learning platform.

LIFE SKILLS   "I learn about my personal competences"

NETZWORK   "I get in contact with businesses, companies and public institutions offering jobs in my your region"
JOB WORLD   "I learn about employment realities, analyze economic conditions and prepare a presentation and project portfolio"
EXPERIENCE   "I explore a local business independently. Exchange and reflect experiences and present your findings in a JOBS fair at the end of the school year"