JOBS research study presented at EARLI conference

Tuesday, 28 June 2016 In News
Results from the intervention study in Romania were presented at the EARLI Conference, University of Zurich 20th–22nd June.
The conference of the European Association for Research on Learning and Instruction (EARLI SIG 11) focused on «Diversity and Inclusion as a Challenge for Teacher Education».
jobs EARLIThe JOBS-Research Team with members of the PH Zurich (Keller-Schneider/Albisser) and the University of Brasov (David/Cazan/Truta) presented the results from their study aiming to identify effects of the JOBS programme on teachers and students in Romania.
In a survey, students and their teachers were asked about their knowledge and learning output regarding professions and the awareness of their own strengths and interests, including individual and contextual characteristics. The results presented at the conference were based on the teachers' data, paying particular attention to the ability of teachers in dealing with the competences and needs of a diverse student population.
The JOBS intervention programme supports students in their orientation towards professional life by means of a student-oriented and task-based setting. This didactical approach to teaching and learning entails a high level of commitment on the part of teachers and their readiness to cooperate with colleagues.
The results show that the orientation on teaching and learning of teachers who participated in the JOBS programme is focused more on a constructivist approach, compared with their orientations in their own subject. Furthermore, they cooperated more often with their colleagues in their JOBS-teams than with the ones in the subject-teams. JOBS teachers also consider the quality of cooperation to be better within their JOBS-teams than within their teams with subject-teachers.
The JOBS-intervention programme not only seems to support students in their job orientation, but also the teachers' in coping with the diversity of the students in their classes.

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